Local charities can be the great stabilizer in these challenging times, but they need our support to continue to serve our community. Heart Beats is local, and the dollars raised in each city will stay in the respective city. The event will donate to several local charities in need.

The goal is to raise $1 million and split this equally amongst the charities.

Homes For Heroes Foundation

The Homes For Heroes Foundation was developed in response to the growing number of military veterans who are facing crisis as they return to civilian life and find themselves on the path to homelessness. As many as 5,000 veterans are homeless and living on the streets in Canada. These veterans put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms and now they need, and deserve, our support. With your help Homes For Heroes will provide them with housing along with the resources, services and training that will enable them to successfully transition back into civilian life.


#NotInMyCity is a facilitative organization launched by Paul Brandt that is raising awareness and taking collective action to prevent, disrupt and end sexual exploitation and trafficking, focusing on children and youth. The #NotInMyCity movement is growing. We are building partnerships, creating awareness, educating others and mobilizing a strategic, integrated plan to bring about transformational and sustainable change at all levels.

Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter

The Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter is a front line agency providing hope and support to women, children, youth, and men impacted by family violence and abuse. “Taking a Stand Against Family Violence and Abuse” since 1974, the agency has helped close to 230,000 individuals build safe lives and healthy relationships. Though the Emergency Shelter is the cornerstone of the organization it is “More than a Shelter” offering innovative healing, safety, and prevention programs in the community. For more information:

Fresh Start Recovery Centre

Fresh Start Recovery Centre is an award winning, accredited centre that offers live-in and out-patient treatment to men as well as a five-session out- patient treatment program for families. Our treatment modality is based on a recovery program with an 80-year track record for saving lives and healing families. Our Family Healing Program is available to anyone affected by someone else’s addiction.

Fresh Start recognizes addiction as a chronic brain disorder and treats its participants with empathy and love. Recovery is real, attainable and sustainable. Fresh Start supports people from all walks of life suffering from a myriad of issues. Fresh Start has been operating in Calgary for 28 years and has been recognized as one of the top three treatment centres in Canada (a Donner Canadian Foundation Award Top 3 Finalist for the Treatment of Alcohol and Substance Abuse since 2006 and THE TOP AGENCY in 2010, 2013 & 2014*), a Charity Intelligence Canada Four Star Agency for Homeless Prevention since 2007 as well as a Canadian Top Impact Agency since 2015, and the 2012 Calgary Award Winner for Outstanding Community Advocate Agency.

Our staff bring over 300 years of combined personal recovery experience coupled with professional designations to best work with those we serve. We offer our residents a home and seek to foster a sense of belonging within a larger recovery family and community.
Our Vision is Every Individual-Recovery for Life.

Calgary Health Trust

As the fundraiser for healthcare and hospitals in Calgary, Calgary Health Trust has established the Clean Hands, Giving Hearts COVID-19 Response Fund to respond to the urgent needs of our health system. During these unprecedented times, our community is needed more than ever to support areas of greatest impact in Calgary’s response to COVID-19 and the emerging healthcare needs of our community in this crisis. Our efforts are on supporting front-line workers, protecting vulnerable populations and prioritizing the growing mental health concerns so many in our city face.

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