Heart Beats is a collection of Live Stream Charity Concerts streamed directly from our website performed by local musicians designed to support local charities due to impact of COVID-19. 

While we are apart we can come together and support our community.


Heart Beats brings the concert to your home to share with your family and friends, and to support your local community!  The concerts are focused on selected cities in Canada and featuring local musicians who have roots in the respected city to help give back to the local charities. Many of the Live Stream events focus on the global pandemic, whereas Heart Beats is focused on the local community and working together to help those in need.

Canadians are asked to support the Heart Beats in three simple ways:


Our goal is to raise $1 million dollars for each city and their deserving charities. Help us reach this goal.


On the event day, order DIRECT from your favourite restaurant. Most food delivery services are not local, but when you pick up from the restaurant, they get all the proceeds from your support.


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